About West Coaster


photo by Shigeyoshi Takebe

The "West Coast" is the area of the West Coast of the United States that straddles the three states of California, where Los Angeles and San Francisco are located, Oregon, where Portland is located, and Washington, where Seattle is located.

The state of California alone is surprisingly larger than Japan!!!
It is not easy to define or explain this area, which is a mixture of various ethnic groups and values, in one lump. However, it is precisely because of its complexity and diversity that it has continued to influence the world in various fields such as fashion, movies, art, culture, music, and IT.

From the West Coast, we offer a unique food culture, beauty and fashion with keywords such as "vegetarian," "organic," and "ecology," as well as travel information related to these keywords!

The "Happiness is here..." in the site logo is Snoopy's "Happiness is here...". is taken from Snoopy's "Happiness is..." series. series (the author, Charles M. Schulz, spent much of his creative life in California).
Happiness is not something that can be easily defined, but it is something that can be found casually in our daily lives.

This site is a place where we can think about this and share what we have found in our lives on the West Coast, and how we think that there are other forms of happiness that are not so common in Japan. I intend to share what I think.

Please take a peek at the "West Coasters" who are living a healthy life in mind and body, looking natural, beautiful, and cool. If you take even the slightest hint from them and change your perspective, you may find even greater happiness than you have now...

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